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Save the universe! Help Clark Friswold rid the galaxy of pesky, intergalactic beings in this arcade style game.


MOBILE GAME Available For iOS

Beast Fiends Game is an arcade style game based on the weird collection of iMessage stickers by FIBOXCIO. Blast your way through five intense levels that will have your thumbs aching.

Beast Fiends also includes an Arcade Mode for setting and sharing your high score. Challenge your friends to see who's the boss!

Tap to fire laser while dragging your ship from side to side. Blast the boss while dodging or blasting attacks. Watch out for the glowing special attacks. Check out the options menu for a brief tutorial and then suit up for your first mission!

Download the Beast Fiends Game today!

Don't forget to download the Beast Fiends iMessage sticker pack and bring the battle to your conversations.


NOTE: If you're having trouble playing the Beast Fiends Game, please click the support link to find some help.

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